Swivel Honeycomb Glass Art

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Swivel Honeycomb Glass Art piece. This unique creation combines the elegance of gold fuming, a super smooth pull, and a stunning array of colors.
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​Honeycomb Sherlock Pipes: Sidecar Mouthpiece with Colorful Glasswork in Pink Slime Colors

Dive into vibrant glass art with our Honeycomb Sherlock Pipes, featuring a unique sidecar mouthpiece. This piece is a true testament to craftsmanship, showcasing a meticulous honeycomb design that enhances the visual appeal and contributes to a smoother smoking experience. The pipe's body is adorned with a stunning array of pink and slime colors, creating a playful yet elegant look. This color palette is achieved through a careful glass-blowing process, where colored glass is skillfully layered and shaped to form the final product. Each pipe is a unique piece of art, with the colors beautifully blending to create a mesmerizing effect. These pipes are perfect for those who appreciate glassware's functional and artistic aspects, offering a delightful addition to any collection.

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