Green Terp Slurper Banger Buckets

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Terp Slurper Spinner Carb Cap. This innovative accessory with Terp Pearls and a Quartz Banger Bucket revolutionizes your dab sessions, ensuring maximum flavor and efficiency.
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint Size14Male
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Wholesale Quartz Bangers & Nails for Dab Rigs | Smoking Accessories

Our extensive range of wholesale quartz bangers and nails is an essential collection for any retailer in the smoking accessories market. These high-quality quartz parts are designed to fit a variety of dab rigs, catering to the diverse preferences of concentrate users. Our quartz bangers and nails are renowned for their heat resistance and durability, providing a clean and flavorful dabbing experience. Ideal for smoke shops, headshops, and online retailers, these products are a staple in the dabbing community. By offering these quartz dab rig parts at wholesale prices, you can equip your store with top-tier smoking accessories, ensuring customers can access the best tools for their dabbing needs.



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