Faberge Egg Water Percolated All-One Dab Rig

Item Code NC37-Purple
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Faberge Egg Water Percolated Dab Rig Set Dr. Hemp Brand Excellence
Glass PercolatorFaberge Egg
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint510 Thread Connect
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Faberge Percolator All-in-One Nectar Collector | Wholesale

Our wholesale collection now includes the innovative Faberge Percolator All-in-One Nectar Collector, a standout choice for retailers and smoke shops. This collector combines the elegance of the Faberge design with the functionality of a percolator, providing an exceptional dabbing experience. The all-in-one design is user-friendly and efficient, appealing to new and experienced concentrate users. Each piece is crafted with precision, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Ideal for businesses seeking to offer high-quality, unique dabbing tools, this nectar collector is an excellent addition to any inventory, promising to attract customers with its combination of style, functionality, and the renowned smoothness of a percolator hit.



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