Faberge Egg Water Percolated All-One Dab Rig

Item Code NC37-Blue
AvailabilityIn stock
Faberge Egg Water Percolated Dab Rig Set Dr. Hemp Brand Excellence
Glass PercolatorFaberge Egg
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint510 Thread Connect
Product Details

Toker Hub: Glass, Ceramic, Titanium Nectar Collectors | Faberge Egg Design | Online Supplier

Toker Hub proudly presents an exceptional range of nectar collectors, including glass, ceramic, and titanium options, all featuring the elegant Faberge Egg design. As an online supplier, we cater to diverse preferences, offering a variety of materials to suit different styles and needs. Our Faberge Egg nectar collectors stand out for their intricate design and superior functionality, making them a top choice for concentrate enthusiasts. The glass variants showcase exquisite clarity and craftsmanship, while the ceramic and titanium options offer durability and a unique aesthetic. Ideal for retailers and individual customers alike, our online store provides easy access to these high-quality nectar collectors, ensuring a premium dabbing experience for users at all levels.

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