Lookah Sardine Hot Knife

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Wholesale Lookah Sardine Hot Knife for Wax and Concentrates.
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Lookah Sardine Black Hot Knife - Effortless Loading Electric Dabber for Concentrates

Lookah Sardine Black Hot Knife is an innovative electric dabber tool that simplifies the concentrates handling process. Its sleek black design is stylish and functional, providing a mess-free experience for users.

Effortless Concentrate Handling

Easy Loading with Ceramic Tip - The Lookah Sardine Hot Knife has a ceramic tip that heats up quickly, allowing you to slice through any concentrate easily. This feature ensures a clean and efficient transfer to your dab rig or vaporizer, minimizing waste and spillage.

Precise Temperature Control

Customizable Heat Settings - With three temperature settings (Green 212°F, Blue 248°F, White 302°F), the Lookah Sardine Hot Knife caters to various concentrate consistencies and vaporization preferences. This precision helps in preserving the quality and potency of your extracts.

Portable and User-Friendly

Compact and Travel-Ready - The Lookah Sardine Hot Knife is designed for portability, with a travel cap for safe storage. Its 250mAh battery recharges quickly via a USB Type-C port, making it a reliable tool for on-the-go dabbing.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Replaceable Ceramic Tips and Easy Cleaning - The ceramic tips are replaceable, ensuring long-term use and consistent performance. The tool is also easy to clean, essential for maintaining the purity of your concentrates and the device's longevity.

The Lookah Sardine Black Hot Knife is a must-have for concentrate users who value ease, efficiency, and portability. Its advanced features and sleek design make it an attractive and practical addition to any dabber's toolkit.

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