Lookah Mini Unicorn Electronic Dab Rig

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The Lookah Mini Unicorn, designed for user convenience, is supported by its ease of obtaining replacement parts and accessories.
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Lookah Unicorn Mini Red - Portable & Budget-Friendly E-Rig for On-the-Go Dabbing

Lookah Unicorn Mini Red Electric Dab Rig is a compact and affordable solution for dab enthusiasts who are always on the move. Its portable design and powerful performance make it ideal for those seeking a high-quality dabbing experience without breaking the bank.

Compact and Travel-Friendly

Portability at Its Best: The Lookah Unicorn Mini's small stature allows it to fit comfortably in your hand, making it one of the most travel-friendly e-rigs on the market. Its magnetic glass bubbler is easy to remove for loading but stays securely in place during use

Powerful Battery Life

Long-Lasting Sessions: Equipped with a 950mAh battery, the Lookah Unicorn Mini can perform up to 100 heat cycles on a single charge. This ensures you can enjoy extended dabbing sessions at home or exploring.

Easy to Use

Simplicity and Convenience: With a hidden dab tool and a one-button operation for turning the device on/off and adjusting temperature, the Lookah Unicorn Mini is user-friendly. It offers three voltage settings (Low 3.5V, Med 3.7V, High 3.9V) for a customized dabbing experience

Quality Vapor Production

Optimal Flavor and Clouds: Coming with two 710 quartz coils, the Lookah Unicorn Mini allows you to choose between preserving flavor, creating more enormous vapor clouds, or conserving your wax. The USB Type-C charging makes it quick to recharge, even from a power bank or car USB port.

The Lookah Unicorn Mini Red Electric Dab Rig is an excellent choice for those seeking a portable, powerful, and budget-friendly e-rig. Its ease of use, long battery life, and compact design make it a must-have for dabbers who prioritize quality and convenience.

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