Lookah Q7 Mini E-Nail

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Dab in a Dash with the Lookah Q7 Mini - Your Compact Companion for Flavorful and Efficient Dabbing.
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Innovative Design

The Lookah Q7 Mini E-Nail Banger is a sleek and compact device that offers a modern alternative to traditional dabbing methods. It's compatible with most water pipes featuring 14mm to 18mm joints, making it a versatile addition to your dabbing gear.

Superior Flavor and Control

With patented technology and a double-layer quartz coil, the Lookah Q7 Mini provides a pure and smooth taste. Its real-time temperature control, ranging from 200°F to 750°F, allows for a customized dabbing experience that preserves the terpenes and flavonoids of your concentrates.

Portable and User-Friendly

The Q7 Mini's 950mAh battery simultaneously supports 80 to 100 uses, offering portability and longevity. The device has three voltage settings (3.2V, 3.6V, 4.0V) for temperature adjustments and features a simple operation with a magnetic flip cap for easy loading.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning the Q7 Mini is straightforward, ensuring your e-mail remains in optimal condition. The device can be disassembled for cleaning, and the quartz coil can be swabbed after each session to maintain cleanliness and performance.

The Lookah Q7 Mini E-Nail Banger is an excellent choice for dab enthusiasts who value convenience, flavor, and precision. Its compatibility with water pipes and easy-to-use features make it a standout product for a superior dabbing experience.



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