710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils Type B

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Concentrates – Type B Coils, where precision meets performance.
Product Details

Superior Vapor Production

The Lookah 710 Type B Quartz Coils are engineered to enhance your vaping experience. These dual-core coils expose your wax to heat faster, creating lush, dense vapor clouds. It is ideal for users prioritizing vapor quality and a robust dabbing session.

Quartz Construction for Pure Flavor

Crafted from quartz, these coils offer a pure taste, ensuring that the flavor of your concentrates remains untainted. The quick-heating quartz chamber provides even heat distribution, essential for achieving the best vaping results and flavor profile.

Compatibility and Versatility

Lookah 710 Type B Coils are compatible with a range of Lookah vaporizers, including the Seahorse X, Swordfish, Mini Unicorn, and more. Their versatile design makes them suitable for various devices, catering to a broad audience of vape enthusiasts.

Bulk Availability

Available in five packs, these coils are perfect for retailers and bulk buyers looking to stock up on high-quality atomizers at competitive prices. The bulk purchasing option is economical for businesses and serious vapers alike.

The Lookah 710 Type B Quartz Coils are a top choice for those seeking a premium vaping experience. Their design maximizes vapor production without sacrificing flavor, making them a valuable addition to any Lookah vaporizer setup.



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