710 Quartz Wax Dish Coils Type D

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Type D Coils, Where Flavor Flourishes – Delight in the authentic taste of your concentrates with every puff.
Product Details

Superior Vaping Experience

The Lookah 710 Quartz Coils Type D are designed for discerning vapers who value flavor and vapor production. The see-through atomizer allows you to monitor wax levels, ensuring you never run dry during a session.

Innovative Design

These coils feature a large quartz chamber with dual cores, balancing taste and cloud size. The ample surface area and good airflow contribute to a smooth and even draw, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

Quartz for Purity

Made entirely of quartz, the Type D coils offer an unmatched pure taste. Quartz's rapid heating capability ensures your concentrates are vaporized efficiently, delivering a clean and flavorful vapor.


Lookah 710 Quartz Coils Type D are compatible with multiple devices, including the Dragon Egg, Q7 Mini, Seahorse X, Swordfish, and Mini Unicorn vaporizers from Lookah, making them a versatile choice for various setups.

Bulk Availability

Available in five packs, these coils are perfect for retailers and heavy users looking to stock up. Wholesale pricing ensures you get the best deal for your bulk purchases, providing significant savings over individual purchases. The Lookah 710 Quartz Coils Type D are an excellent choice for vapers seeking high-quality, efficient, and versatile atomizers. Their see-through design, compatibility with multiple devices, and the pure flavor they deliver make them a standout option in the market.

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