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Item Code SP102-A-Mixed
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Hand pipe with intricate, visionary artwork, a cleaning tool, high-quality screens, and a matching grinder, all in a box with shamanic motifs.
StyleDry Herb
Glass TubeStandard Thick
Product Details

3 Pieces 3 $4.50

Puff Can Soda Buds Glass Hand Pipe 5.5"

Introducing the Puff Can Soda Buds Glass Hand Pipe, a 5.5" novelty hand pipe featuring a unique soda can design. These hand pipes are available in assorted colors and are crafted by the renowned Dabtized brand, known for its innovative smoking accessories.

Assorted Colors

The Puff Can Soda Buds Glass Hand Pipes are available in assorted colors, adding a fun and vibrant element to your smoking accessory collection. Each pipe is uniquely crafted, providing customers with a diverse selection.

Wholesale availability

As a top supplier, Toker's Hub offers these novelty hand pipes at wholesale prices, making them an ideal addition to any retailer's inventory. The budget-friendly pricing and unique design features make these pipes attractive to customers.

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