Colored Zong Bongs Fun Smoke

Item Code WP195-Mixed
AvailabilityIn stock
Art Meets Function, Rodolfos Masterpiece Zong Bong
StyleDry Herb
Glass PercolatorHeady Art
Joint Angle45°
Ground JointMartini Slide
Joint ConversionRubber Slide
Glass TubeColored
Parts & AccessoriesRubber Grommet
Product Details

Medium Size Sturdy Beaker Bongs with Colored Base Zong Glass

Discover our medium-sized beaker bongs featuring sturdy construction and colored base Zong glass. These bongs are designed to provide a stable smoking experience while showcasing unique and vibrant aesthetics.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

We offer these beaker bongs at the lowest prices, making them an affordable option for smoke shops and enthusiasts looking for high-quality smoking accessories without breaking the bank.

Diverse Color Options

The beaker bongs are available in various colored base zong glass options, allowing you to choose the perfect style to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer vibrant and bold colors or more subtle hues, there's a beaker bong to match your unique taste.



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