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Inside-Out Gold Fume Glass Bong Bowls - Color-Changing 14mm Male Round Slide

We are introducing our exquisite Inside-Out Gold Fume Glass Bong Bowls, a stunning choice for connoisseurs of fine smoking accessories. These bowls feature a 14mm male joint size and a classic round shape with an extraordinary twist. The inside-out design incorporates a gold fume technique, creating a unique, color-changing, mesmerizing effect.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these bowls undergo a unique fuming process with gold, which allows them to change color over time and use. This dynamic color transition adds an element of surprise and delight, making each bowl not just a tool for smoking but a piece of interactive art.

The round slide shape is designed for easy use, offering a comfortable and efficient packing experience. Combined with the standard 14mm size, this shape ensures compatibility with a wide range of bongs and waterpipes.

Ideal for retailers and smoke shop owners, these Inside-Out Gold Fume Glass Bong Bowls are more than just smoking accessories; they are captivating pieces that appeal to customers who appreciate the beauty and intricacy of glass art. Their durability and color-changing gold fume effect make them a sought-after item for any smoker looking to elevate their collection.



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