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Elevate Your Vaping - XVAPE STARRY 4 with Cutting-Edge Upgrades
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XVAPE Starry 4.0 Blue - Long-Lasting Battery Cannabis Vaporizer

XVAPE Starry 4.0 Blue is a versatile and powerful vaporizer designed for the modern cannabis enthusiast. Its sleek design and advanced features make it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient vaping experience.

Dual Compatibility

Flower and Concentrate Friendly - The Starry 4.0 is uniquely designed to handle dry herbs and concentrates, offering flexibility for your vaping preferences. Its ceramic heating chamber ensures even and efficient heating, preserving the purity and flavor of your cannabis.

Enhanced Battery Life

Long-Lasting Sessions - Powered by a 2550mAh replaceable battery, the Starry 4.0 ensures you can enjoy multiple vaping sessions on a single charge. The convenience of a replaceable battery means you're never tied down, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

Precision Temperature Control

Customizable Vaping Experience - With a temperature range of 212°F to 464°F, the Starry 4.0 allows you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. The OLED screen provides easy temperature adjustments and real-time feedback on battery status and session timers.

Compact and Discreet

Portable Design - The Starry 4.0's compact size and discreet appearance make it an ideal companion for vaping anywhere. Its durable construction and zirconia mouthpiece ensure a comfortable and hygienic experience, while the adjustable airflow slider enhances vapor quality.

Easy Maintenance

Simple Cleaning Process - Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward with Starry 4.0. The removable mouthpiece and ceramic heating chamber make it easy to keep your vaporizer in top condition, ensuring a pure and smooth vaping experience every time

The XVAPE Starry 4.0 Blue is a premium choice for cannabis users seeking a durable, efficient, versatile vaporizer. Its long-lasting battery, dual compatibility, and precision temperature control make it a must-have for novice and experienced vapers alike.

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