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Elevate Your Vaping - XVAPE STARRY 4 with Cutting-Edge Upgrades
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XVAPE Starry 4 Green - Long-Lasting Battery Cannabis Vaporizer for Wholesale

XVAPE Starry 4 Green is a standout cannabis vaporizer designed for those who value quality and efficiency. Its evergreen color makes it visually appealing and reflects the device's commitment to providing a green, clean vaping experience.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Extended Vaping Sessions are guaranteed with the Starry 4's powerful 2550mAh battery. This replaceable battery ensures that users can enjoy prolonged use without frequent recharges, making it perfect for personal and social settings.

Precision Temperature Control

Customizable Vaping Experience is at the forefront of the Starry 4's design. With a full temperature spectrum ranging from 212°F to 464°F, users can dial in the exact heat setting for their preferred vapor density and flavor intensity.

Durable and Hygienic Design

Quality Build with Zirconia Mouthpiece ensures that the Starry 4 is built to last and maintains the purity of flavor. The jewelry-grade zirconia mouthpiece is non-reactive, preserving the natural taste of cannabis without any interference.

Adjustable Airflow System

Optimized Vapor Production is achieved through the Starry 4's innovative adjustable airflow system. This feature allows users to fine-tune their vaping experience, enhancing flavor and cloud production while preventing clogs and obstructions.

The XVAPE Starry 4 Green is an exceptional choice for retailers offering a high-quality, efficient, and user-friendly cannabis vaporizer. Its long-lasting battery, precise temperature control, and durable design make it a valuable addition to any collection, promising satisfaction for novice and experienced users alike.

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