Lookah Turtle 510 Thread Battery 400mAh

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Unique Protective Design

The Lookah Turtle 510 Thread Battery features a distinctive shell that gives it its name and provides an extra layer of protection for your cartridges. This magnetic shell is easy to remove and attach, ensuring your vaping experience is secure and stylish.

Versatile Voltage Options

With three preset voltages (3.2V, 3.6V, 3.9V), the Lookah Turtle allows you to customize your vaping experience. The LED indicators (Blue, Purple, White) make selecting your desired power level easy, catering to a range of preferences and ensuring optimal performance for various oil viscosities.

Compact and Discreet

Designed for discretion, the Lookah Turtle is palm-sized and perfect for discreet vaping. Its compact dimensions (41x24x63mm) make it an ideal travel companion, fitting comfortably in your pocket or bag.

Multiple Vaping Modes

The Lookah Turtle offers three vaping options: Auto Heat/Session Mode for a 10-second heating cycle, Inhale Activation Mode for draw-activated use, and Button Activated Mode for manual control, providing versatility and convenience for every user.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

With a 400mAh battery capacity, this vape battery delivers plenty of power for extended use, ensuring you can enjoy your vaping sessions without frequent recharging.

The Lookah Turtle 510 Thread Battery in orange is a reliable and user-friendly choice for those seeking a convenient, durable, and protective vape pen. Its unique design and versatile features make it a standout option in the market.

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