Lookah Dragon Egg Filter Bowl Base

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Restore Your Rig - Dragon Egg Filter Bowl Base Replacements
Product Details

Essential Replacement Part

The Lookah Dragon Egg Replacement Filter Bowl is a crucial component for maintaining the performance of your Lookah Dragon Egg E-rig. Made from durable plastic, this replacement part easily screws onto the bottom of your device, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal functionality.

Designed for Durability

Constructed with high-quality plastic, the filter bowl is designed to withstand regular use while maintaining clarity. It's essential to use warm, soapy water for cleaning to avoid damage and cloudiness, ensuring the longevity of the bowl.

Bulk Purchase Options

Available for purchase in bulk, this replacement filter bowl is ideal for retailers and bulk buyers looking to stock up on essential accessories for the Lookah Dragon Egg E-rig. With competitive wholesale pricing and bulk availability, providing value to your customers while maintaining a healthy inventory is easy.

Compatibility and Use

Specifically designed for the Lookah Dragon Egg E-rig, this replacement filter bowl is a genuine accessory that guarantees compatibility and performance. Its easy-to-clean design ensures that your E-rig remains in optimal condition, providing a smooth experience.

The Lookah Dragon Egg Replacement Filter Bowl is an indispensable accessory for owners of the Lookah Dragon Egg E-rig. Its durable construction, compatibility, and availability in bulk make it a valuable addition for individual users and retailers looking to offer quality replacement parts.

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