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Reliable Performance - Lunar Replacement Coils Wholesale
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Optimal Performance

The Dip Devices Lunar Replacement Atomizers are engineered to maintain the performance and taste of your Lunar vaporizer. These coils heat up quickly, allowing for efficient and enjoyable sessions with your concentrates.

Designed for Convenience

Each pack contains two atomizers, making it easy to switch out your coils and keep your device running smoothly. Regular replacement, recommended every three months, ensures a consistently fresh and clean vaping experience.

Bulk Purchase Options

Available for purchase in bulk, these replacement atomizers are ideal for retailers or frequent users looking to save on costs without compromising on quality. Bulk pricing offers an economical solution for maintaining your Lunar device.

Compatibility and Quality

Crafted specifically for the Lunar vaporizer, these atomizers are incompatible with the Dipper, EVRI, or Little Dipper. Made from high-quality materials, they are designed to provide a seamless fit and reliable function with your Lunar device.

The Dip Devices Lunar Replacement Atomizers are a must-have for ensuring your vaporizer continues to deliver a high-quality vaping experience. With bulk pricing available, keeping your device in top condition is easy and cost-effective.



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