Low Profile Glass Downstems

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Wholesale Bong Downstems
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Wholesale Downstems Low Profile 18mm Male to 14mm Female Smoking Accessories

Presenting our wholesale collection of low-profile downstems, specifically designed with an 18mm Male to 14mm Female configuration, catering to the needs of retailers and distributors in the smoking accessories market.

  • 18mm Male to 14mm Female: These downstems are uniquely designed to fit bongs with an 18mm opening while accommodating bowls with a 14mm size. This configuration offers versatility and compatibility with various water pipes and bongs.

  • Low Profile Design: The low profile of these downstems makes them a discreet yet essential addition to any water pipe. They are designed to be less intrusive, offering a sleek, streamlined look while maintaining functionality.

  • Wholesale Availability: Offered at wholesale prices, these downstems are an excellent option for businesses looking to stock up on high-quality and affordable smoking accessories. The bulk pricing allows for attractive resale value and profitability.

  • Durable Materials: These down stems are built to last from robust materials. They resist regular wear and tear, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

  • Enhanced Smoking Experience: Despite their low profile, these downstems effectively enhance the smoking experience by providing efficient smoke diffusion and filtration. This leads to a smoother and more enjoyable session for the user.

Our low-profile downstems, with an 18mm Male to 14mm Female size, are ideal for smoke shops, online retailers, and distributors. They blend functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, making them a sought-after item in the smoking accessories market. Stocking these downstems ensures customers access top-quality products that enhance their smoking experience.

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