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Downstems Glass Bong Attachments High Profile 18mm Male Size 5-Inch Tall

We are introducing our exclusive selection of high-profile glass bong attachments featuring downstems with an 18mm male joint size and a height of 5 inches. These downstems are expertly crafted to enhance your bong's functionality and aesthetic appeal.

  • 18mm Male Joint Size: Designed to fit seamlessly with any bong or water pipe that accommodates an 18mm female joint, these downstems are a versatile choice for a wide range of smoking apparatus.
  • 5-Inch Height: The 5-inch tall design ensures these downstems are a significant addition to your bong in terms of performance and visual impact. The height is optimal for various bong sizes, providing an ideal balance between size and functionality.
  • High Profile Design: Unlike more discreet downstems, these high-profile models are meant to stand out. They add a level of sophistication and style to your bong, making it not just a tool for smoking but also a conversation piece.
  • Quality Glass Construction: These downstems are Made from durable, high-quality glass. They are sturdy and elegant. The transparent glass material allows for easy monitoring of the smoke flow, adding to the overall experience.
  • Enhanced Smoking Experience: These downstems are designed to provide efficient smoke diffusion and filtration. The extra height helps cool the smoke, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable inhale.

Ideal for individual enthusiasts and retailers, these high-profile glass bong attachments are perfect for those seeking to elevate their smoking experience. The 18mm male size and the 5-inch height in a high-profile design make these downstems a sought-after item in the world of smoking accessories.



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