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Zong Kink Beaker Bongs | Gold Colored | Wholesale |
ColorGold Fume
StyleDry Herb
Glass PercolatorSingle-Hole
Joint Angle45°
Ground Joint14Male
Joint Conversion14 Female to 14 Male
Glass Tube9mm
Parts & AccessoriesGerman Diffuser Downstem & Bowl
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24 Pcs 24 $16.00

Artistry in Glass Blowing: Zong Kink Beaker Bongs in Gold

The Zong Kink Beaker Bongs, featuring a gold coloration, embody the exceptional artistry of glass blowing. Each piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, where the traditional techniques of glass blowing are merged with modern aesthetics. The gold-colored glass elevates the visual appeal, giving each bong a luxurious and unique appearance. These bongs are not just smoking accessories; they are works of art, showcasing the intricate and delicate process of glass blowing. This artistic aspect makes them highly desirable for retailers and consumers who appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship in their smoking accessories. The allure of these gold-colored Zong Kink Beaker Bongs lies in their ability to combine functionality with artistic expression, making them a standout offering in any high-end smoke shop.

Sturdy Construction

The Full Gold Kink Beakers from Zong Glass are known for their sturdy construction, featuring a 7mm wall thickness that sets them apart from average bongs. This robust design ensures durability and reliability.

Fumed with Gold and Silver

Each beaker is fully fumed with gold and silver, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the smoking experience. The fuming process also lets the glass change colors during use, creating a dynamic visual effect.

Customizable Base

These Full Gold Kink Beakers are customizable, allowing for a choice between a trendy modern Beaker style, the classic OG Bubble style, or the avant-garde Straight base at no extra charge. This flexibility caters to diverse customer preferences.

Wholesale availability

Retailers can access Zong Glass's Full Gold Kink Beakers for wholesale purchase, offering customers a premium smoking experience with the allure of color-changing glass and exceptional durability.



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