Titanium Nail - 10 Female and 14 Female

Item Code QR15-10-14-female
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Enjoy titanium nails for Wax and Concentrates.
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle360°
Ground Joint SizeHand-Held
Product Details

Premium Quality Domeless Titanium Nails: Perfect Sizes for Your Concentrates

Delve into high-end concentrate smoking with our top-notch domeless titanium nails, available in 10mm and 14mm female sizes. As a leading online supplier, we specialize in providing products that blend quality with precision. Each titanium nail is expertly crafted to cater to the specific needs of concentrate enthusiasts, offering a robust and heat-resistant solution for a pure and intense smoking experience. The 10mm and 14mm sizes ensure a snug fit for a wide range of rigs, making them a versatile choice for personal and professional use. Shop with us for domeless titanium nails that promise durability, efficiency, and the ultimate satisfaction in your concentrated indulgence.

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