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Glass Bong Converters for all sizes
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12 Pieces (Per Size) 12 $1.50

Best 14mm Female to 14mm Male Glass Adapters at Wholesale Prices

Tap into the world of high-quality smoking accessories with our exclusive range of 14mm female to 14mm male glass adapters, now available at low wholesale prices from a reputable online distributor. These converters are essential for smokers who demand versatility and reliability in their setups. Each adapter is meticulously crafted from durable glass, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless experience when transitioning between different pieces. Our position as a leading online supplier allows us to offer these specialized adapters at competitive and appealing prices, especially for bulk purchasers or retailers looking to enhance their inventory. Experience the ease and convenience of upgrading your smoking apparatus with our premium glass adapters, designed to meet the needs of the most discerning smokers.

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