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Glass Bong Converters for all sizes
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12 Pieces (Per Size) 12 $1.50

Top Choice for 18mm Female to 14mm Male Glass Adapters - Wholesale Online Distributor

Please find the best in class with our 18mm female to 14mm male glass adapters, available exclusively from a premier online distributor at wholesale rates. These adapters are the epitome of functionality and versatility, designed to bridge your smoking accessories seamlessly. Crafted from superior quality glass, they ensure a perfect fit and durable use, making them a staple for any enthusiast or retailer's collection. Our position as a leading distributor allows us to offer these highly sought-after converters at exceptionally competitive prices, catering to bulk buyers and individual consumers. These adapters are specifically engineered to provide a smooth and hassle-free smoking experience, embodying our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Elevate your smoking setup with our top-rated glass adapters, a must-have for achieving the perfect configuration in your smoking apparatus.

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