Syfy Glass 18 Millimeter Slide

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Syfy Glass 18-Millimeter Color Handle Slide.
Ground Joint18Male
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3 Bowls 3 $5.50

Bong Bowls 18mm Male Handle SyFy Slides Wholesale Bong Bowls

We are introducing our premium collection of Bong Bowls with 18mm Male Handle SyFy Slides, now available for wholesale purchase. These innovative bong bowls are designed to cater to the discerning smoker who values both aesthetics and functionality. Each bowl features a convenient 18mm male joint size, making them compatible with a wide range of bongs. The standout aspect is the SyFy slide design, which brings a futuristic and sleek look to your smoking setup.

Adding a handle enhances usability, allowing easy lifting and handling without the risk of burns or discomfort. This design detail is instrumental during long smoking sessions or when sharing with friends. Crafted from top-grade materials, these bong bowls are stylish and robust, ensuring longevity even with regular use.

Ideal for retailers looking to stock up on unique and high-quality smoking accessories, these bong bowls with SyFy slides will surely attract customers who seek a blend of modern design and practicality. Their wholesale availability makes them a great choice for bulk purchases, offering an excellent balance of quality, style, and functionality in smoking accessories.

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