Universal Beaker Wig Wag Downstems

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Diffused Downstem in German Glass with Wig Wag Color - 6 Inches, 18mm Male to 14mm Female

Presenting our premium Diffused Downstem, crafted from high-quality German glass and adorned with a vibrant Wig Wag color pattern. This 6-inch downstem fuses superior craftsmanship and artistic design, fitting seamlessly into any waterpipe or bong with an 18mm male to 14mm female joint configuration.

The German glass used in this downstem is renowned for its purity and durability, ensuring a clean and smooth smoking experience. The diffused design, featuring several slits or holes, optimizes smoke filtration and cooling, resulting in a more enjoyable and smoother draw.

The Wig Wag color pattern on this downstem adds a splash of vibrant color and visual interest, making it a functional piece and an artistic addition to your smoking apparatus. Each print is intricately designed, showcasing the skill and creativity of expert glass artists.

Ideal for retailers and smoke shop owners, this 6-inch Diffused Downstem in German Glass with Wig Wag coloring is a sought-after piece for its quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. It offers a perfect way to enhance the smoking experience while adding a touch of style to any bong or water pipe.

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