Syfy Colored Bowls - 25 Unit Bowls

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Colored Bong Bowls Wholesale - 25-Unit Display at Affordable Bulk Prices

Our Colored Bong Bowls, available in a wholesale package of 25 units, offer an attractive and affordable option for retailers. Each display set features a variety of colors, adding a vibrant touch to any collection of smoking accessories. These bowls are designed to fit a wide range of bongs and waterpipes, making them a versatile choice for various smoking preferences.

Crafted from quality materials, these colored bong bowls are durable and ideal for everyday use. The bulk package of 25 units is affordable, providing excellent value for retailers looking to stock up on essential smoking accessories without a hefty investment.

This display set is cost-effective and visually appealing, making it an attractive addition to any smoke shop or dispensary. The variety of colors in each group ensures a bowl to suit every customer's style, making them a popular choice for those looking to personalize their smoking experience.

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