Silicone Cactus Dab Straw

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StyleShatter-Proof Silicone
Glass PercolatorsSingle-Hole
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Silicone Cactus Dab Straw Collector: Wholesale Quartz Dab Straws, Nails, Tools for Wax Concentrates at Low Prices

The Silicone Cactus Dab Straw Collector is a versatile and unique addition to our product line. This food-grade silicone dab straw is designed as a desert cactus and offers the flexibility to choose between a 10mm quartz tip or a 10mm Grade 2 tip. Its innovative design and quality construction make it popular for wax concentrate enthusiasts. Additionally, we offer a wide range of wholesale quartz dab straws, nails, and tools at competitive prices, providing a one-stop solution for your dabbing needs. Explore our collection and add these high-quality, budget-friendly products to your inventory today.

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