14mm Reclaim Catcher

Item Code AC26-90-14male
AvailabilityIn stock
Glass StyleAttachment
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint14Male
Product Details

Ash Catchers for Bongs

Enhance your smoking experience and keep your bong clean with our selection of high-quality ash catchers. Whether you're looking for a 14mm reclaim catcher, a silicone bottom ash catcher, or waterpipe accessories, we have the perfect options available at wholesale prices.

Key Features:

  • Variety of Options: Choose from various ash catchers, including 14mm and 18mm sizes, reclaim catchers, and silicone bottom ash catchers.
  • Premium Quality: Our ash catchers are made from durable materials to trap ash and debris effectively, keeping your bong clean and providing a smoother smoking experience.
  • Wholesale Prices: Enjoy wholesale pricing on our ash catchers, making stocking up on essential bong accessories easy.
  • Easy to Clean: Keep your bong maintenance simple with our easy-to-clean ash catchers, designed to streamline the cleaning process and extend the life of your bong.

Wholesale Ash Catchers for Bongs

Whether you're a retailer or a dedicated smoking enthusiast, our bong wholesale ash catchers offer unbeatable value and quality. Keep your bong clean and enjoy a smoother smoking experience with our range of affordable and durable ash catchers.

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