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Refreshing Cool, With a Clear Minty Taste.
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Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores - Bestseller Plant-Flavored Air

Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores offer a unique and healthy alternative to traditional smoking and vaping products. Designed for those seeking to break free from nicotine while still enjoying the sensory experience of inhaling, these cores provide a crisp, minty flavor derived entirely from natural plant ingredients.

Refreshing and Natural

All-natural ingredients ensure that users enjoy a refreshing mint taste without the harmful effects of nicotine or vapor. The Crisp Mint flavor blends bold peppermint with a hint of lime, offering a breath of fresh air that's both invigorating and satisfying.

Habit Replacement

Effective Habit Replacement strategy is at the core of Füm's design. It addresses hand-to-mouth fixation and provides a calming effect through natural flavors, making it easier for users to transition away from smoking or vaping. Each core is designed to last 2-3 days of repeated use, with packs available to support a month-long journey towards breaking bad habits.

Safety and Compliance

FDA-compliant and safe for use, Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores has undergone multiple third-party toxicology reports and studies to ensure its safety for inhalation and digestion. The cores are made from medical-grade polyester infused with pure essential oils, providing peace of mind for health-conscious users.

Bulk Purchase Benefits

Wholesale Bulk Pricing makes Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores an attractive option for resellers and individuals looking to stock up. The product's popularity as a bestseller and its competitive bulk prices offer an excellent opportunity for savings and widespread distribution.

Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores is a bestseller for those looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle by replacing smoking or vaping habits with a natural, plant-flavored alternative. Their refreshing taste and the benefits of bulk pricing make them a top choice for consumers and resellers.

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FUM Crisp Mint Cores​ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores?

Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores are pre-infused cotton cores designed for use with the Füm inhaler device. These cores are infused with a blend of essential oils, primarily peppermint, to provide a natural plant-flavored air experience. The Crisp Mint flavor is characterized by a strong, cooling, fresh mint with tiny bits of citrus, offering a menthol-like sensation and fresh breath.

How do Füm Crisp Mint Cores work?

To use the Füm Crisp Mint Cores, insert a core into the Füm inhaler device and inhale through it. The cores are over 80% peppermint plant extract, with the remaining blend consisting of lemon and lime essential oils. The inhalation process is similar to breathing in the aroma of herbal tea, providing a natural and non-addictive experience without vapor or nicotine.

Are Füm Crisp Mint Cores safe to use?

Füm emphasizes safety and compliance with FDA guidelines, although the FDA does not approve supplement and food-grade products. The cores are made from medical-grade polyester infused with pure essential oils. Füm has conducted third-party toxicology reports and studies on the inhalation and digestion of the plant compounds used in their cores. However, users are advised to consult a physician if they experience adverse side effects.

What are the intended benefits of using Füm Crisp Mint Cores?

While Füm does not make specific health claims, the Crisp Mint Cores are intended to provide a satisfying alternative to smoking or vaping. They are designed to help users replace hand-to-mouth habits and offer a calming experience through the natural flavors of essential oils. The product aims to distract from bad habits with delicious flavor and can be used as often as desired.

Where can I purchase Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores?

Füm Good Habit Crisp Mint Cores are available for purchase through various online retailers, including the official Füm website, Lighter USA, and Amazon. TokersHub offers these cores at competitive wholesale prices for retailers looking to stock the product in bulk, allowing businesses to cater to health-conscious consumers seeking smoke-free and nicotine-free alternatives.

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