Aviator 510 Cartridge Containers

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Innovative Design for Maximum Protection

The Chubby Gorilla Aviator CR Cartridge Container is designed with a 65mm round top, providing a sleek and modern look for your cartridges. The clear natural container allows for easy visibility of the contents, while the opaque black closure ensures child resistance and tamper evidence, keeping your products safe and secure.

Premium Quality Materials

Constructed from heavy-duty PS material, this container is built to last. It withstands autoclaving, ensuring sterilization through high-pressure saturated steam and heat, making it suitable for medical-grade products. The BPA non-intent construction means that BPA was not intentionally added during manufacturing, ensuring consumer safety.

User-Friendly Features

Featuring the all-in-one SmartCap and HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure, this container offers a seamless user experience. The gapless surface seal closure supports odor leak prevention, maintaining the integrity of your product. The 360 micro-grip diamond surface provides a comfortable and secure tactile experience for opening and closing.

Versatile and Compliant

This container is engineered to comply with child-resistant closure standards, making it suitable for a wide range of products beyond cartridges, including pharmaceuticals and small consumables. Its versatile design and compliance make it ideal for businesses looking for reliable and secure packaging solutions.

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