Aviator Bottle 10ML

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Precision and Safety

This 10ml bottle features the HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure, providing an ultra-smooth turning bottle cap for effortless sealing. The all-in-one SmartCap ensures one-motion assembly, aligning the pre-inserted nozzle with the bottle to lock on while applying the tamper-evident band and sealing the bottle.

Child-Resistant and Tamper-Evident

Equipped with a compliant child-resistant closure, the bottle is designed for ease of use by adults while preventing access by children. The fastened tamper-evident band remains latched onto the neck without slipping off, ensuring product integrity.

Leak-Proof Design

The liquid leak-blocker restricts the dispensing nozzle tip internally to prevent leakage when the closure is closed. This feature and the refined nozzle for easy-flow dispensing ensure a consistent and natural flow rate, making it ideal for e-liquids, oils, and other liquid products.

Durable and Authentic

Embossed with the proprietary signature Gorilla logo, this bottle is a stamp of absolute quality and authenticity. Designed and engineered in California, USA, it's made from soft squeeze PET material, offering durability and ease of use.



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