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Chubby Gorilla Aviator CR 20ml Bottle | Opaque White with White Closure

The Chubby Gorilla Aviator CR 20ml Bottle is a high-quality packaging solution that combines safety, functionality, and style. Its opaque white bottle and closure provide a clean and professional look, making it an excellent choice for various liquid products.

One Motion Assembly

The all-in-one SmartCap allows for efficient assembly. The pre-inserted nozzle is aligned with the bottle to lock on while the tamper-evident band is applied, and the bottle is sealed. This streamlined process ensures a secure closure and saves time during packaging.

HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure

The HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure features a spring suspension that automatically retracts the closure when pushed down, providing a levitating feel and a frictionless surface. This design offers a smooth sensation when turning the cap, enhancing the user experience.

Fastened Tamper Evident Band

The smooth tamper-evident band remains securely latched onto the neck of the bottle without slipping off, ensuring the integrity of the product and providing a clear indication if tampering has occurred

360 Micro-Grip Diamond Surface

The precision-milled micro-grip diamond closure provides a comfortable and secure tactile experience, providing more surface area to grasp and twist the closure. This feature is especially beneficial for users who may have difficulty opening bottles.

Soft Squeeze PET Bottle

Made from soft squeeze PET material, the bottle is durable and easy to use, allowing for a consistent and natural flow rate. The material is also recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly option.



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