Aviator Bottle 100ML Wide

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Chubby Gorilla Aviator CR 100ml Bottle | Clear with Opaque White Closure

The Chubby Gorilla Aviator CR 100ml Bottle is a versatile packaging solution that combines clarity with security. The clear natural bottle allows for easy identification of the contents, while the opaque white closure provides a child-resistant seal, ensuring product safety and compliance with industry standards.

Child-Resistant Design

The bottle is equipped with a child-resistant closure that is easy for adults but challenging for children, providing peace of mind for consumers.

Tamper-Evident Feature

A tamper-evident band attached to the closure ensures that the product has not been opened or tampered with before purchase, maintaining consumer trust and product integrity.

Durable PET Construction

Crafted from high-quality PET material, the bottle is durable, shatter-resistant, and suitable for a wide range of liquid products, including e-liquids, beauty products, and health supplements.

Customizable for Branding

The transparent body of the bottle provides an excellent canvas for branding, allowing you to customize it with your company's logo or design to stand out in the competitive market.

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