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6 Count Pocket Size Butane Torches
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Newport Colorful Butane Flame Lighters

Newport's collection of butane flame lighters stands out for its functionality, style, and versatility. These refillable cigarette torches and dabbing accessories are designed with the user in mind and offer a reliable flame source for many applications.

Refillable and Sustainable

Newport lighters are refillable, promoting sustainability by reducing waste. Users can quickly replenish their lighters with Newport butane fuel, ensuring long-term use and reliability.

Versatile Use

Beyond lighting cigarettes, Newport's butane torch lighters are perfect for various activities. Chefs and culinary enthusiasts appreciate the precise flame for searing and glazing foods, while crafters and artists find them useful for jewelry making and working with acrylics. Thanks to their wind and weather resistance, outdoor enthusiasts also rely on these lighters for camping and hiking.

Stylish and Ergonomic Design

Available in various colors, Newport lighters cater to personal style preferences while maintaining an ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use. The self-igniting piezo ignition and adjustable flame control enhance the user experience, making these lighters functional and fashionable.

Durable and Reliable

Manufactured with durability in mind, Newport butane torch lighters are built to last. Their heavy-duty construction ensures they can withstand daily use, whether for smoking, cooking, or crafting.

Retailers and Bulk Buyers

With their blend of quality, functionality, and style, Newport's colorful butane flame lighters are an excellent choice for retailers and bulk buyers. Due to their premium quality and distinctive designs, these lighters meet a wide range of consumer needs and offer an attractive resale item.



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