Newport Camo Woods Torches - Medium Size

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12 Count Pocket Size Butane Torches
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3 Displays (Mixed Colors) 12ct 3 $24.00

Newport Camo Print Butane Flame Lighters

Newport's camo-print butane flame lighters combine functionality with a rugged aesthetic, making them a standout choice for customers who value both performance and style. These refillable torches are designed for longevity and are available at competitive wholesale prices, offering retailers an excellent opportunity to stock up on a high-demand product.

Rugged Camo Design

The camo print on these Newport lighters appeals to a broad audience, from outdoor enthusiasts to those who appreciate military-inspired designs. The unique camo pattern ensures that each lighter stands out, making it a popular choice for consumers looking for a distinctive accessory.

Refillable and Economical

Newport's commitment to sustainability is evident in the refillable nature of these lighters. By offering a product that can be refilled and reused, Newport provides an economical solution for consumers, reducing waste and saving money over time.

Precision Flame Control

These lighters feature precision flame control, ideal for various applications, from lighting cigarettes to cooking and dabbing. This allows users to adjust the flame size according to their needs, ensuring versatility and convenience.

Bulk Availability for Wholesale

Available in bulk quantities, these camo-print butane flame lighters are perfect for wholesale suppliers looking to offer their customers high-quality, stylish torches at competitive prices. Their unique design, functionality, and affordability make them a valuable addition to any retail inventory.



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