Newport Gun Roses Torches - Medium Size

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12 Count Pocket Size Butane Torches
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3 Displays (Mixed Colors) 12ct 3 $24.00

Newport Guns & Roses Butane Torches and Flame Lighters

Newport's Guns & Roses butane torches and flame lighters perfectly blend edgy design and practical functionality. As a top distributor, you can offer your customers these refillable lighters that provide a consistent and strong flame and feature the iconic Guns & Roses artwork, appealing to a wide audience of music and art enthusiasts.

Iconic Guns & Roses Artwork

These lighters are distinguished by their unique Guns & Roses sandblasted designs, making them a collector's item and a conversation starter. The artwork resonates with fans of the legendary rock band and those who appreciate the fusion of music and art.

Refillable and Eco-Friendly

The refillable nature of these torches and lighters aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products. They offer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters, reducing waste and providing long-term value.

Top Distributor's Choice

As a leading distributor, carrying Newport's Guns & Roses line means providing retailers with a product that is both high in quality and rich in culture. These lighters are a testament to Newport's reputation for durable and ergonomic butane torches

Versatile Use

These lighters are versatile, whether for lighting cigars, culinary applications, or as a tool for artists. The adjustable flame and easy refill design make them suitable for various tasks, ensuring they meet the needs of a diverse customer base.



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