Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Canisters

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12 Count Butane
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1 Master Case (8 Dozens / 96 Cans) 1 $324.00
10 Master Cases (80 Dozens / 960 Cans) 10 $315.00

Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Canisters

Newport Zero Extra Purified Butane Canisters are a top choice for retailers and consumers looking for high-quality butane for BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extractions and various butane-powered products. The 300ml canisters come in a 12-count retail display box, perfect for wholesale purchases and adding a professional look to store shelves.

Extra Purified Butane for Quality Extractions

These butane canisters are extra purified, ensuring near-zero impurities. This high level of refinement is crucial for BHO.

Convenient Retail Display

The 12-count box is designed for easy retail display, allowing customers to grab a canister quickly. The packaging is practical and visually appealing, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Added Value with Flint

Each canister comes with flints, providing additional value to customers. This thoughtful inclusion makes these canisters a go-to choice for those needing flints for their lighters or torches.

Wholesale Bulk Prices

Offered at competitive wholesale prices, these butane canisters are an economical choice for retailers looking to stock up. Bulk pricing allows for a profitable margin while providing customers with premium products.

Versatile Use

While ideal for BHO extractions, Newport Zero butane is also suitable for refilling butane lighters, culinary torches, and other butane-powered products, making it versatile for various consumer needs.



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