Lidavel - 5.25 inches Indestructible Downstem

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5 Mixed (5.25"-Medium Only) 3 $18.00

Lidavel Indestructible Blue Downstems | Break-Resistant with Angled Slits

Lidavel's blue downstems are engineered for durability and performance, offering smokers a break-resistant and shatterproof solution. These downstems are designed with angled slits, optimizing smoke diffusion for a smoother experience. Ideal for those seeking reliable and long-lasting smoking accessories, Lidavel downstems combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Break-Resistant and Indestructible Design

Crafted from high-quality materials, Lidavel downstems are virtually indestructible. This ensures they can withstand accidental drops and intense use without breaking or shattering, making them a cost-effective choice for smokers.

Angled Slits for Enhanced Diffusion

The angled slits in Lidavel downstems create a more efficient diffusion process, breaking up the smoke into finer bubbles. This results in more astounding, smoother hits and a more enjoyable smoking experience

Vibrant Blue Color

Are these downstems built to last and feature a vibrant blue color that adds a personal touch to any smoking setup? The unique color stands out, making your smoking accessory functional and stylish.

Easy to Clean

Despite their intricate design, Lidavel downstems are easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. This ease of cleaning helps preserve the downstem's performance and longevity.


Lidavel downstems are compatible with a wide range of bongs and water pipes, making them a versatile addition to any smoker's collection. Their design ensures a perfect fit and optimal functionality with various smoking apparatuses.

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