Lidavel - 4.25 inches Indestructible Downstem

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5 Mixed (4.25"-Short Only) 3 $18.00

Lidavel Break-Resistant Black Downstems | Short with German Diffuser

Lidavel's black downstems are crafted to redefine durability in smoking accessories. These short downstems are equipped with a German diffuser, ensuring maximum diffusion for a smoother draw. Lidavel downstems are a robust addition to any bong or water pipe, ideal for smokers who prioritize resilience and quality.

Shatter-Resistant and Indestructible

Inspired by products like the Chill Break-Resistant Blue Downstem, Lidavel downstems are made from materials that offer exceptional break resistance. The indestructible design ensures that these downstems can withstand the rigors of daily use without shattering, providing peace of mind for users.

German Diffuser for Smooth Hits

The German Diffuser featured in these downstems creates a superior smoking experience by maximizing diffusion. The open holes of the Diffuser ensure a smooth and enjoyable draw, enhancing the overall functionality of your smoking apparatus

.Sleek Black Aesthetic

The black color of these downstems adds a sleek and modern touch to any smoking setup. The short length is perfect for bongs and water pipes that require a compact downstem, making Lidavel downstems a versatile choice for a wide range of smokers.

Retailers and Distributors Bulk Prices

Available for wholesale purchase, these downstems are perfect for retailers and distributors looking to offer their customers high-quality, durable smoking accessories. The unique design, functionality, and affordability combination make them a valuable addition to any retail inventory.

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