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Experience the Joy of Natural Flavors with Füm The Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores – A Breath of Fresh Air in Every Inhalation
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Refreshing Orange Vanilla Blend

Füm The Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores provide a unique and refreshing experience, combining the zesty aroma of orange with the sweet, creamy notes of vanilla. This blend is designed to offer a soothing and enjoyable sensory experience reminiscent of a favorite childhood treat without the need for vapor or nicotine.

No Vapor, No Nicotine

Designed for those looking to enjoy the essence of natural flavors without the harmful effects of smoking or vaping, Füm The Good Habit Cores contain no vapor or nicotine. This makes them a healthier alternative for individuals seeking to satisfy their flavor cravings or those looking to transition away from nicotine products.

Plant-Flavored Air for Aromatherapy Benefits

The Orange Vanilla Cores are infused with natural plant extracts, providing a plant-flavored air experience that can also offer aromatherapy benefits. The combination of orange and vanilla is pleasant to the senses but may also help uplift the mood, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

Easy to Use with Füm Inhalers

These cores are designed explicitly for Füm inhalers, allowing for a convenient and portable way to enjoy the natural flavors. The cores are easy to insert into the inhaler, and users can breathe in the plant-flavored air for an instant flavor boost, making it an ideal option for on-the-go use.

Sustainable and Natural Ingredients

Füm is committed to sustainability and the use of natural ingredients. The Orange Vanilla Cores are made from non-toxic, plant-based materials, ensuring that users are inhaling safe and environmentally friendly products. This commitment to quality and sustainability makes Füm The Good Habit Cores a responsible choice for health-conscious individuals.

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Füm Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Füm Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores?

Füm Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores are pre-infused cotton cores designed with the Füm inhaler device. These cores are infused with a blend of essential oils, including Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Bergamot, Lime, and Vanilla, to recreate the nostalgic flavor of a creamsicle. The flavor profile is sweet and citrusy, with a touch of vanilla, providing a smooth and light experience.

How do the Orange Vanilla Cores work?

To use the Orange Vanilla Cores, insert one into the Füm inhaler device. As you inhale, the air passes through the core, allowing you to experience the delightful blend of orange and vanilla flavors. The cores are designed to offer a non-vapor, non-nicotine experience, focusing on natural plant flavors to provide a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking and vaping.

What are the benefits of using Füm Orange Vanilla Cores?

The Füm Orange Vanilla Cores offer a unique way to enjoy natural plant flavors without the risks associated with nicotine and vapor. They are intended to replace hand-to-mouth habits, calm nervous tension through fidgeting, and distract from bad habits with delicious flavor. Each core lasts 2-3 days of repeated use, providing a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Are there any safety concerns with using Orange Vanilla Cores?

Füm is committed to safety and compliance with FDA guidelines. While the FDA does not approve supplement and food-grade products, Füm ensures that each core fiber is medical-grade polyester infused with a unique plant blend of pure essential oils. Multiple third-party toxicology reports and studies have been conducted on the inhalation and digestion of the plant compounds used in the cores. However, users are advised to consult a physician if they experience adverse side effects.

Where can I purchase Füm Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores?

Füm Good Habit Orange Vanilla Cores are available through various online retailers, including the official Füm website and Tokers Hub. Tokers Hub offers these cores at competitive wholesale prices for retailers looking to stock the product in bulk, allowing businesses to cater to health-conscious consumers seeking smoke-free and nicotine-free alternatives.

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