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Bring a Breath of Fresh Air to Your Store with Füm The Good Habit Breathe Flavored Air – Available at Bulk Wholesale Prices for a Healthier Tomorrow
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Bulk Wholesale Prices for Retailers

Füm The Good Habit Breathe Flavored Air is available at bulk wholesale prices online, providing an excellent opportunity for smoke shops, health and wellness stores, and bulk retailers to offer customers a unique and healthy alternative to traditional smoking products. As a top distributor, we ensure competitive pricing, allowing retailers to enjoy a healthy margin while promoting a healthier lifestyle among their clientele.

Natural and Healthy Alternative

Füm, The Good Habit Breathe Flavored Air, offers a natural and healthy alternative to traditional smoking and vaping products. Made with non-toxic, plant-based materials, these products contain no nicotine, vapor, or harmful chemicals, making them safe for users seeking a pure and natural sensory experience.

Wide Range of Flavors

Our inventory includes a wide range of flavors, catering to diverse customer preferences. From refreshing mint and invigorating citrus to soothing lavender and energizing coffee, Füm The Good Habit provides various plant-flavored air options. This variety ensures that retailers can meet the demands of their customers, offering something for everyone.

Easy to Use with Füm Inhalers

Designed for use with Füm inhalers, these flavored air products are straightforward to use. Customers must insert the core into their Füm inhaler and breathe in the flavored air. This simplicity and convenience make Füm The Good Habit an attractive option for individuals looking for an on-the-go natural flavor experience.

Support and Marketing Materials Provided

As a top distributor, we provide our retail partners comprehensive support and marketing materials. These include product displays, informational brochures, and online resources to help educate customers about the benefits of Füm The Good Habit Breathe Flavored Air. We aim to ensure that retailers have all the tools they need to promote these products successfully in their stores.

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Füm Good Habit Device Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Füm Good Habit Device?

The Füm Good Habit Device is a non-vapor, non-nicotine inhalation device that utilizes natural plant flavors. It is designed to provide a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking and vaping by allowing users to enjoy the ritual of inhaling without the risks associated with nicotine and vapor. The device uses pre-infused cotton cores that contain essential oils, offering a variety of flavors for users to experience

How does the Füm Good Habit Device work?

The Füm Good Habit Device inserts a pre-infused cotton core, called a Füm Core, into the device. Users then inhale the natural plant-flavored air through the device. The Füm Cores are formulated explicitly with non-addictive, natural plant extracts to provide rich and exciting flavors. The device addresses hand-to-mouth fixation, provides a fidget-friendly experience, and offers a flavorful alternative to harmful habits.

What are the benefits of using the Füm Good Habit Device?

The Füm Good Habit Device offers several benefits, including replacing negative hand-to-mouth habits with a healthier alternative. It is designed to calm nervous tension through fidgeting and provide a flavorful distraction from bad habits. The device is also portable, making it convenient to use anywhere. Additionally, it is a smoke-free and nicotine-free option, which can be appealing to those looking to manage their smoking habits or seeking new sensory experiences.

Are there any safety concerns with using the Füm Good Habit Device?

The Füm Good Habit Device is marketed as fully FDA-compliant. While the FDA does not approve supplement and food-grade products, the company states that it goes above and beyond with safety. The device uses medical-grade polyester cores infused with pure essential oils. Multiple third-party toxicology reports and studies have been done on the inhaling and digestion the plant compounds used in the cores. However, if the device negatively affects a user, they are advised to stop using it and consult a physician.

Where can I purchase the Füm Good Habit Device?

The Füm Good Habit Device can be purchased through the official Füm website and selected online retailers. Tokers Hub is an exclusive wholesale supplier of the device, offering competitive wholesale prices for retailers. The device is also available in various packs, such as the Journey Pack, which includes the device and a selection of Füm Cores.

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