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Unleash the Flame with Maven Ammo Shape Model K-2 – The Ultimate Hand-Held Black Jet Flame Torch Lighter, Butane Refillable and Available from Top Suppliers
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Maven Model K-2 Torch Lighter

The Maven Model K-2 Torch Lighter is a versatile tool for various applications. Its hand-held design and powerful single windproof jet flame make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ammo Shape and Black Color

The lighter features an ammo shape, giving it a unique and rugged appearance that stands out. The sleek black color adds to its sophisticated look, making it a stylish accessory for any user.

Adjustable Flame and Safety Features

With an adjustable flame, users can customize the flame's intensity to suit their specific needs. The lighter also includes a safety lock/ignition hold feature, which prevents accidental ignition and ensures safe operation.

Butane Refillable for Convenience

The Maven Model K-2 is butane refillable, allowing easy and long-term refilling. This feature ensures the lighter can be used repeatedly, providing convenience and sustainability.

Available from Top Suppliers

This torch lighter is available from top suppliers, ensuring customers receive a high-quality product. Suppliers like Toobs Distribution and Mr. Bill's Pipe & Tobacco Company offer the Maven Model K-2, highlighting its popularity and reliability.

For Various Uses

Whether for lighting cigars, culinary applications like creating crème brûlée, or starting campfires, the Maven Model K-2 is an ideal tool. Its versatility and ease of use make it a must-have for anyone needing a reliable flame source.

Warranty and Customer Satisfaction

The Maven Model K-2 comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring customer satisfaction. This commitment to quality is a testament to the product's durability and the supplier's confidence in its performance.



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