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Unleash Sophistication with the Maven Model-T Tower in Midnight Green – The Ultimate Table-Top Torch Lighter, Portable, Refillable with Butane, Featuring an Adjustable Angle, Available from an Online Supplier
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6 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 6 $12.00

Unique Adjustable Angle Design

The Maven Model-T Tower features a unique adjustable angle design that allows users to rotate the flame direction clockwise as needed. This key feature makes it a perfect cooking torch for any chef or those who require lighting precision.

Powerful Jet Flame

Equipped with a powerful jet flame, the Maven Model-T Tower provides a solid and efficient heat source. The jet flame is suitable for various applications, from culinary tasks to lighting cigars, cigarettes, and dabbing.

Sleek Form and Remarkable Quality

The Maven Model-T Tower is designed with a sleek form that adds to its aesthetic appeal. The remarkable quality of the torch ensures durability and reliability, making it a valuable tool for home and professional use.

Refillable with Butane for Long-Term Use

The Maven Model-T Tower is a butane refillable torch that offers sustainability and convenience. Users can easily refill the torch with butane, ensuring long-term use and reducing waste. This feature also makes it a cost-effective option for consumers.

Portable and Ideal for Table-Topp Use

Despite being a tabletop model, the Maven Model-T Tower is portable, allowing users to move it as needed quickly. Its stable base also makes it suitable for tabletop use, providing a steady and reliable flame source for culinary applications and smoking.

Midnight Green Color for Aesthetic Appeal

The unique Midnight Green color of the Maven Model-T Tower adds a stylish and sophisticated touch to the lighter. This distinctive color choice makes the lighter stand out and adds a personal flair to the user's collection of smoking accessories.

Available from an Online Supplier

The Maven Model-T Tower Torch Lighter in Midnight Green is available from online suppliers, ensuring that customers can easily purchase this high-quality product from the comfort of their own homes. This online availability highlights the accessibility and convenience of obtaining the Maven Model-T series.



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