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Experience Precision and Style with the Maven Model-K in Black – The Ultimate Butane Refillable Torch with an Adjustable Flame and 1-Year Warranty, Available at Wholesale Prices for Retailers
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Sleek Black and White Design

The Maven Model-K Torch Lighter features a sleek black-and-white design, adding a stylish and sophisticated touch to the lighter. This aesthetic appeal makes it a practical tool for various uses and a fashionable accessory.

Powerful Jet Flame with Adjustable Feature

Equipped with a powerful jet flame, the Maven Model-K provides a solid and efficient heat source. The adjustable flame feature allows users to control the flame's intensity to suit their specific needs, enhancing its versatility for various applications.

Butane Refillable for Sustainability

As a butane refillable torch, the Maven Model-K offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters. Users can easily refill the torch with butane, ensuring long-term use and reducing waste. This feature also makes it a cost-effective option for consumers

1-Year Warranty for Reliability

The Maven Model-K comes with a one-year warranty, which assures customers of its quality and durability and highlights the manufacturer's commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction.

For Culinary, Smoking, and Dabbing

Designed with versatility, the Maven Model-K Torch Lighter is suitable for culinary uses, such as lighting cigars, cigarettes, and dabbing. Its functionality and design make it a valuable tool for professional and personal use.

Available at Wholesale Prices

The Maven Model-K Torch Lighter in Black/White is available at competitive wholesale prices, making it an affordable option for retailers looking to stock high-quality smoking accessories. Wholesale purchasing allows for a good profit margin while offering customers a premium product.



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