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Experience Precision and Style with the Maven Model-K in White/Black – The Ultimate Butane Refillable Torch with an Adjustable Flame and Ergonomic Grip in a Gun Shape Design
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7 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 7 $17.00

Bold and Intricate Finish

The Maven Model-K Torch Lighter features a bold and intricate finish with two-dimensional and two-toned sleek yet modern colors, including the white/black option. This design contributes to its visual appeal and enhances its grip and usability, making it comfortable and easy to use for various applications.

Single Windproof Jet Flame

Equipped with a single windproof jet flame, the Maven Model-K provides a powerful and efficient heat source. The windproof design ensures the flame remains stable outdoors, making it reliable for various uses.

Adjustable Flame for Versatility

With an adjustable flame feature, the Maven Model-K allows users to control the flame's intensity to suit their needs. This versatility benefits tasks requiring different flame sizes, from lighting delicate items to culinary tasks like caramelizing sugar.

Safety Lock / Ignition Hold for Secure Operation

The torch includes a safety lock/ignition hold feature to prevent accidental ignition, ensuring the torch is safe to use and carry around. This safety feature enhances the overall reliability of the lighter.

Butane Refillable for Long-Term Use

The Maven Model-K insane refillable torch is sustainable and convenient. Users can easily refill the torch with butane, ensuring long-term use and reducing waste. This feature also makes it a cost-effective option for consumers.

Ergonomic Grip in Gun Shape Design

The unique gun shape design of the Maven Model-K not only contributes to its visual appeal but also enhances its grip and usability. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure hold, making it easy to maneuver the torch with precision and accuracy.

For Culinary, Smoking, and Dabbing

Designed with versatility, the Maven Model-K Torch Lighter is suitable for culinary uses, such as lighting cigars, cigarettes, and dabbing. Its functionality and design make it a valuable tool for professional and personal use.



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