Stainless Steel in Jar .625"

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Randy's 0.625" Stainless Steel Pipe Screens - Reliable and Convenient 36 packs of 20 screens, 720 Screens Jar
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3 Jars (36 Packs) 720 Screens 3 $10.00

Randy's .625" Stainless Steel Quality Screen Jar - 36 Packs per Display

Randy's 6.25 Steel Quality Screen Jars are now available for low online purchase. Each display contains 36 packs. These brass screens are an indispensable accessory for pipe smokers, enhancing the smoking experience by providing effective filtration and preventing material from entering the mouth.

Each jar contains 36 packs of Randy's high-quality stainless steel screens, each with a diameter of 6.25. These screens suit various smoking pieces, including glass, metal, ceramic, silicone, or wood. Many smokers prefer brass screens that can withstand heat and provide a smooth smoking experience.

These screen jars offer exceptional value, making them attractive for retailers looking to provide high-quality smoking accessories at competitive prices. Randy's commitment to quality ensures that these stainless steel screens are a reliable choice for enhancing the smoking experience, making them a popular item for both new and seasoned smokers.

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