Maven Nova - White

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Equip your customers with the Maven Wholesale Nova White Torch Lighter – the ideal choice for a reliable single windproof adjustable jet flame lighter.
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8 Pcs (Mixed Colors) 8 $13.00

Single Windproof Adjustable Jet Flame

The Maven Nova White Torch Lighter features an adjustable single windproof jet flame, allowing for a consistent and powerful heat source customizable to the user's needs.

Reliable and Stylish Design

The Nova White Torch Lighter is designed to be reliable and stylish. Its robust construction can withstand frequent use in professional and personal environments.

Precision Heating

The adjustable jet flame facilitates precision heating, which is essential for culinary tasks and other applications requiring a controlled flame.

Elegant White Aesthetic

The elegant white design of the lighter offers a sophisticated aesthetic that enhances its functionality, making it an attractive choice for wholesalers and their customers.

User Convenience Features

The lighter likely includes user-friendly features such as an easy-to-use ignition button and a flame adjustment mechanism.



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