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Precision Heats, Dab Completes - Maven Volt Green, Your Ultimate Dab Companion.
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Innovative Design for Dab Enthusiasts

The Maven Volt Green Torch Lighter is a game-changer for dab enthusiasts. It features a first-of-its-kind built-in multipurpose tool with a handy placeholder. This innovative design simplifies the dabbing process, making it more efficient and enjoyable. The tool can be used for various tasks, including purging butane, ensuring you have everything in one compact device.

Precision and Control

Equipped with a single windproof jet flame, the Maven Volt allows for precise temperature control, essential for the perfect dabbing experience. The adjustable flame feature lets you customize the intensity to match your needs, whether at home or on the go. This precision ensures that your concentrates are heated evenly, maximizing flavor and potency.

Safety and Durability

Safety is paramount with the Maven Volt Green Torch Lighter. It includes a safety lock/ignition hold to prevent accidental ignition, offering peace of mind during use. Constructed from high-quality zinc alloy and metal with a rubber/metallic finish, this lighter is durable and stylish. Its green color adds a vibrant touch to your dabbing gear.

Portable and Eco-Friendly

Standing 7 inches tall, the Maven Volt is the perfect size for handheld and tabletop use. Its windproof feature makes it versatile for use in various conditions, indoors or outdoors. Being butane refillable, the Maven Volt is eco-friendly, reducing waste and ensuring you're always prepared for your next session.



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