Maven Model K II - White

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Light with Precision, Hold with Comfort - Maven Ammo K-2 in Orange & Sky Blue.
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Ergonomic Design for Stability and Comfort

The Maven Ammo Shape K-2 Torch Lighter in White is engineered for stability and ergonomic comfort. Its unique ammo shape provides a distinctive aesthetic and a comfortable grip for extended use. The silicone rubber finish enhances grip stability, making it an ideal tool for precision tasks in various settings, from the kitchen to the great outdoors.

Adjustable Jet Flame for Precision Tasks

Equipped with a single windproof jet flame, the Maven Ammo K-2 offers superior precision and control. The flame's intensity can be easily adjusted to suit a wide range of tasks, ensuring optimal performance, whether caramelizing sugar, lighting a cigar, or starting a campfire. This adjustable jet flame feature makes the Maven Ammo K-2 a versatile tool for professionals and hobbyists.

Built for Safety and Ease of Use

Safety is a crucial feature of the Maven Ammo K-2 Torch Lighter. It includes a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition, ensuring peace of mind during use and storage. The ignition mechanism is designed for ease of use, providing a reliable flame with every trigger.

Durable and Refillable for Longevity

The Maven Ammo K-2 is constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Its refillable nature allows for repeated use with standard butane refills, making it an eco-friendly choice. The lighter is shipped without butane to comply with shipping regulations but can be quickly filled upon receipt, ready for all your lighting needs.



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