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Precision, Elegance, and Power - Maven Apex Black, the Ultimate Torch Lighter.
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Ergonomic Hand Grip for Comfortable Use

The Maven Pro Beige Torch Lighter features an ergonomic hand grip designed to fit perfectly into your pocket and hand. This fashion-forward design ensures comfort during use, allowing for meticulous lighting tasks without hand fatigue. The sleek and ergonomic handheld butane torch lighter is lightweight but sturdy, making it a reliable tool for various applications.

Sharp Flame for Precision Lighting

Equipped with a thin and sharp flame, the Maven Pro is perfect for any precision lighting needs. Whether you're engaging in culinary arts, lighting cigars, or requiring a focused flame for crafting, the sharp flame of the Maven Pro ensures a perfect light every time, providing meticulous control over the lighting process.

Single Windproof Jet Flame

The Maven Pro Beige Torch Lighter features a single windproof jet flame, offering a consistent and powerful flame that can withstand windy conditions. This windproof jet flame is ideal for outdoor use, providing a reliable flame that stays lit in various environmental conditions, making it a dependable tool for any lighting need.

Adjustable Flame for Versatile Use

The Maven Pro comes with an adjustable flame lever, allowing users to easily control the flame's intensity according to their specific needs. Whether you're caramelizing sugar for desserts, lighting a cigar, or starting a campfire, the ability to adjust the flame ensures you can achieve the perfect temperature every time.

Butane Refillable for Long-Term Use

The Maven Pro is butane refillable, offering convenience and eco-friendliness for long-term use. The torch is shipped without butane to comply with US Shipping Regulations, but it can be quickly filled with any standard butane can, ensuring that you always have a reliable source of fire.



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